Mixed by the incomparable Chris Brown (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, etc).

I didn't know bitter could taste so good.

What talent scouts Taxi.com said about The Light-Filled Corner:

"Incredibly well-written songs and emotionally captivating performances. I'm not sure I can put into words how much I appreciate what you've accomplished...you've got to be buried six feet under not to be moved by the captivating performances. Lyrically, you're working at an extremely high level. It's all so incredibly appealing. Really looking forward to hearing more!"


Just me
Finding the truth
Me and the burden
Of proof

Lucky me

We find we’re right
We find we’re wrong
It ends too soon
It takes too long

How could I resist
Your kiss
After tonight
You don’t exist

Again I hear that
Barking dog
In my inner

Lucky me
Oh lucky me

Well I forgot who I was talking to
I forgot what’s what
I cannot sleep
Running too hot

That’s what I get
That’s what I got
Life of regret
Caught in my own net

For all the good it’s done
I’m still an unfired gun
Show me the door
I don’t need this any more

I found the circle
The inner few
From the trail of bodies
That led to you

Lucky me
Oh lucky me

Someone get me a drink
Someone get me some water


from The Light​-​Filled Corner, track released August 21, 2011


all rights reserved



The Grownups Melbourne, Australia

The Grownups appeared on the Australian independent charts in the late 80s with two singles (Into The Beyond and Snakebite) and an EP. They reformed in the 2010s as a recording-only project. Their debut album, The Light-Filled Corner, features 20-year-old songs alongside recent tracks. ... more

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